Augenbrauenserum und Co.: So bekommst du dichtere Augenbrauen

Eyebrow Serum and Co.: How to create beautiful brows

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Eyebrows – the bigger the better

In recent years, we’ve seen a change in eyebrow trends – away from thin, plucked arches towards full, thick eyebrows. While some time ago thinly plucked eyebrows were the norm, these have now been replaced by more natural looking brows. If you want to follow this trend, you should leave your eyebrows as nature intended and only trim, comb and accentuate them.




However, if you, like many women, don’t have particularly thick brows and your eyebrows don’t grow particularly well or you even have bald patches where the hairs are no longer growing back, you might not be particularly happy about this trend towards thicker, more natural eyebrows. Of course you can use artificial means, such as permanent make-up, to make your eyebrows look thicker. Or you can try to stimulate your eyebrows’ growth. However, many well-known tips only have a limited amount of effect.


1. Why do we have eyebrows?

The main purpose of our eyebrows is to protect our eyes from contact with dirt, moisture and sweat. Eyebrows are generally located about 2 centimetres above the eye and are usually the same colour as our hair. How much hair grows (or doesn’t grow) is determined by genetics. But whether they are wild and bushy or super thin: Eyebrows are not just accessories, but also play an important role in our facial expression. Knitted brows, for example, can indicate anger or scepticism, while raised eyebrows can express surprise, attention or even fear.

Apart from the functional aspects, beautifully formed and well-groomed eyebrows are not only nice to look at but have also become a true fashion accessory in recent years. The days when we used to stand in front of the mirror, plucking out every stray hair, no matter how tiny, seem light years away. Model Cara Delevingne has played a considerable role in the eyebrow beauty hype. When she walked onto the catwalks of the world for the first time in 2012, it was her thick, bushy eyebrows more than anything else that made the headlines and turned Cara into a megastar – you’ll see “The Brow", as Cara is also known, on the covers of countless fashion magazines and in ads for beauty products. But if you thought back then that the eyebrow hype was just a brief trend intermezzo you’d have been very much mistaken: since then, brow bars have been springing up like mushrooms and ever more elaborate and expensive methods to style and enhance brows are establishing themselves in the beauty biz. But what can you do if you have a thin fuzz instead of those coveted super-brows? Or – even worse – if all that’s left is a thin arch due to over-enthusiastic plucking, and your eyebrows refuse to grow back?


2. Reasons for thin eyebrows and eyebrow hair loss

Don't touch the tweezers, baby – if you’re dreaming of full, thick brows, this should be your motto. Hands off tweezers, wax and the like. Aggressive treatments such as dyeing or bleaching should also be avoided. Treatments like this not only take their toll on the thin hairs themselves, but at worst can even damage the hair roots – and instead of sexy super brows you could end up with nothing growing at all.

You love a dramatic look and like to design your eyebrows in line with the motto "more is more"? Go for it – but in the evening, you absolutely need to remove all traces of make-up, eyebrow pencil and powder from your brows. However tempting your bed looks after a long night’s partying: If your eyebrows are thin or even falling out, cleansing and moisturizing them is absolutely vital. If you regularly skip this procedure, unattractive pimples, inflammations and at worst eyebrow hair loss can be the result. And don’t forget: rubbing too energetically or using overly aggressive cleansing lotions can also cause the occasional eyebrow hair to beat a hasty retreat. On top of these mechanical causes for the loss of delicate eyebrow hairs, there are several other reasons that can lead to gaps in your eyebrows.
Certain kinds of medication, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, hormone fluctuations and a very unhealthy lifestyle can also lead to eyebrow hair loss. If you experience long-term loss of eyebrow hairs, please consult a doctor for an exact diagnosis.

The most common reasons for eyebrow hair loss:

Unhealthy lifestyle

Basically, losing too many eyebrow hairs is a sign of generally poor health. Usually it indicates that you’re not getting enough sleep, not eating healthily and are suffering from stress in general. The first step to perfect eyebrows is a healthy lifestyle.


Allergies are often the reason for an increased loss of eyebrow hairs. In many cases this is caused by make-up, or plastics or metals contained in the applicators.

Hormonal disorders

Some women lose more eyebrow hairs than usual just before they begin their period. If this is the case, we recommend you speak to your gynaecologist to get to the bottom of the matter – it could be due to a hormonal imbalance.

Dysfunction of the thyroid gland or adrenal cortex

If the thyroid gland or adrenal cortex is not functioning properly, symptoms such as increased eyebrow hair loss may also occur. If such a malfunction is detected, you should definitely consult an endocrinologist.

On your quest for dream eyebrows, you should also take a closer look at your mother’s, aunt’s and grandmother’s eyebrows: Are they proud owners of luxuriant brows? Congratulations! This means that with the right technique and care, your chances of growing eye-catching brows are very high. But even if you don’t have this genetic advantage, there is still hope. In recent years, microblading and microshading have established themselves as real alternatives to daily pencilling and brushing. The result is very different from the early days of permanent make-up, where the eyebrow area was shaved and then two thin, sweeping arcs were (mis)placed. Microblading and microshading – if done well – can look very natural. But if you prefer a cheaper and more natural method, you can use an eyebrow serum to stimulate the natural growth of your own eyebrow hairs. 


3. Eyebrow serum for beautiful brows? The answer is "yes"

In recent years, serums have firmly established themselves as little miracle workers in the world of beauty and cosmetics. Whether used as anti-aging skin care, for fuller eyelashes or thicker eyebrows: Serums may not look that impressive from the outside, but these mostly transparent textures contain everything you need for fast beauty results. The great thing about serums is that they have a light texture, which means the concentrate can penetrate into deeper skin layers. They are therefore usually somewhat more expensive than creams or gels but have outstanding properties. As they have a very intensive effect due to the high concentration of active ingredients, you only need to apply a very small amount to get great results.

An eyebrow serum is THE turbo tool to treat sparse and thin eyebrow growth and works in the same way as an eyelash serum to increase eyelash volume: The eyebrow serum is applied thinly once a day to clean brows to boost natural eyebrow hair growth, and before long, your brows will look healthier, thicker and fuller. Jeuxloré Superlative Lash is not just a real miracle worker for short, thin eyelashes, but also for sparse eyebrow hairs, and not only turns scrawny micro-arches into expressive wow-brows but provides also thin hairs with an extra portion of nourishing care thanks to hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.


Augenbrauen Serum für perfekte Brauen

What are the benefits of eyebrow serums? Unlike cosmetic procedures, which involve tattooing or scratching, they boost the natural growth of your eyebrows. As long as the hair follicles are intact, a natural result is guaranteed. Eyebrow serum should always be applied to cleansed skin so that it can develop its full potential. Apply a thin layer of eyebrow serum once a day to the lower edge of your brows and to the areas where you want hairs to grow back and leave to dry for a moment. But remember: The serum needs to be applied consistently and on a daily basis. If applied regularly, your sparse, weak hairs can become thicker and more expressive within just a few weeks.


4. Bye bye bad-brow-days: This is how Superlative Lash Eyebrow serum works

Many women use powder, gel or eyebrow pencils to even out their thin or irregular eyebrows. Unfortunately, the result often depends on the kind of day you’re having. Did you sleep badly and are finding it difficult to concentrate? You need a steady hand to style your brows and when you’re tired, the perfect arch that you usually create can go badly wrong. The solution to the problem is simple: Superlative Lash eyelash activating serum is not only THE way to fuller, denser eyelashes and a dramatic look, but can do much more: Used as an eyebrow serum, it also boosts the natural growth of fine eyebrow hairs. In less than two months, eyebrow hairs will become stronger and thicker.


5. Superlative Lash Eyebrow Serum - First results

Most women love beauty products. What do they love even more? Beauty products that work. And if they’re quick and easy to apply – even better. Jeuxloré Superlative Lash Active Serum gives you both: It’s quick and easy to apply and if used daily, you’ll see first results within as little as 6 to 10 weeks.


6. Jeuxloré Eyebrow Growth Serum - The ingredients

Hardly anything determines your facial expression and the charisma of your overall appearance as dramatically as the shape of your eyebrows. An eyebrow serum is therefore the perfect investment if you want to develop your full eyebrow potential. Jeuxloré Superlative Lash has already proven itself to be a miracle worker for stunning eyelashes and can also be used as an eyebrow serum. The carefully composed active ingredient complex boosts the eyebrow hairs’ natural growth. Hyaluronic acid and vitamin E pamper them with an additional dose of soothing care.


7. Easy to use, natural results

Fuller, thicker eyebrows with just a few strokes of a brush? It’s possible! Once a day, in the evening after cleansing your face, apply a thin coat of eyebrow serum to eyebrows, the lower edge of your brows or the areas where you want new hairs to grow. If you like, you can gently pat the eyebrow serum into the brows while still moist and allow to dry.


8. When should you not use our Eyebrow Serum?

Superlative Lash eyebrow serum should not be used during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, during chemotherapy treatment and not immediately before or after eye surgery.


9. Treating them right - caring for your eyebrows

For stunning eyebrows, the right shape is the basis – the care and the right styling are the icing on the cake. Even if you prefer a natural look, you should remove a few hairs here and there for a well-groomed appearance. The best time to remove stray hairs is after showering, when the pores are open, as this makes it easier to remove the hairs easily and painlessly. If you don't dare to do it yourself, you can have it done by an expert in a beauty salon. Castor oil is a real insider tip and guarantees shine for silky, beautiful eyebrows. Castor oil is a natural oil obtained from the seeds of the castor oil plant. This classic treatment has been making a real comeback on the beauty front for a few years now and provides those fine hairs with long-term moisture. In the evening, cleanse your face thoroughly and massage a small amount of castor oil into your eyebrows, rinse off the next morning with lukewarm water. An even simpler way to get the same effect is to use a mascara that has castor oil as a base. Brush the eyebrows once a day with the enclosed applicator, allow to dry for a moment, done.

Augenbrauenserum und Pflege 

10. Brows to go – Makeup tips for beautiful brows

Granted: Despite all the enthusiasm for the new eyebrow styles, one or two Instagram ladies have taken creativity a little too far – some results are more scary than really chic.
But classic, beautiful eyebrow make-up isn’t that difficult: even an eyebrow pencil can turn mousy eyebrows into real eye-catchers. It is important to only apply fine individual strokes. Don’t colour in your entire eyebrows! If you don’t have a lot of practice and you want to make sure that you don’t draw rigid blocks instead of soft, sexy arches, you can use a brow powder in a tone one shade lighter than your hair colour. Then fix with a transparent gel and you're done. For a natural and structured look, simply apply transparent eyebrow gel on its own, brush in the direction of growth, done. If you’re short of time, you can use a coloured eyelash gel or even your mascara. Since mascara brushes generally tend to be wider and a bit chunkier, they are not ideal for eyebrow styling, so using mascara on your brows is something you should only do if you have a steady hand. Eyebrows that are darker than one's own hair were long regarded as a no-go, but the rules are no longer so hard and fast. Nowadays, (almost) anything goes as far as eyebrow styling is concerned, and you can’t go wrong with a hint of extravagance. Dark brown messy brows with light blonde hair has become a real statement look. 

You like to make a dramatic appearance and you love the sparkle factor? Then give your eyebrows a brilliant finishing touch with a little glitter. For example, you can brush gel with glitter particles onto your brows. For the more experienced among you, loose glitter powder is an even more daring alternative. First, coat your eyebrow with transparent gel and then carefully tap the powder onto your eyebrows, removing any excess glitter powder afterwards. To make sure everything stays put, you can try a trick that many models use: Simply spray a little hairspray onto an eyebrow brush and brush your brows with it. Just don’t spray it directly onto your brows as you could end up getting hairspray in your eyes.

No matter what you put on to your eyebrows during the day, it has to be removed again in the evening. A mild cleansing lotion or gel will gently remove gel, powder, etc. from your brows. Don’t rub or scrub too hard, as this will irritate eyebrow hairs and skin. Then apply an eyebrow serum to help thin and weak eyebrow hairs become thicker, fuller and more resistant so that they can handle any eyebrow trend. At the same time, you’ll be pampering your lashes: Jeuxloré Superlative Lash not only ensures thicker eyelashes, but also gives brows an extra portion of nourishing care thanks to hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.

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